4K-Transcoding Deployment on XLX313

4K-Transcoding is ultra high definition, hardware based translation between D-STAR and DMR. 4K-Transcoding is deployed via XLX313. Six modules/talk groups in XLX313 are enabled.

D-STAR connections can be made to any linked reflector/module. DMR connections are made to the XLX313 master server, Talk Groups 4001-4006. The reflector provides transcoding between D-STAR Module A and DMR TG 4001, D-STAR Module B and DMR TG 4002, etc. The host address for XLX313 is xlx313.openstd.net, which is or should be soon incorporated into most host files. The DMR master host address is xlx313.openstd.net, TS 2, Port 62030, Color Code 1.

XLX313 Modules and Talk Groups

Module Talk Group Linked Reflectors Description
A4001*XRF002A, XRF310A, XRF555AKings of Digital Constellation reflectors. Nets listed on X Reflector Directory. Available for open discussion all other times.
B4002XRF757CQuadNet - a routing network that does not require club call signs or registrations
C4003XRF555CDiscrete channel for extended QSOs
D4004XRF310DDiscrete channel for extended QSOs

* Indicates reflector directly linked to XLX313. Other reflectors are linked to the directly linked reflector.